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Our Story

The company was founded by a group of professional developers and entrepreneurs in February 2003 in Mountain View, CA. Softario is a privately owned company. All the founders actively participate in engineering, testing, production and marketing of our products.

The main focus of the company now is software application development for Win32, filling the vacuum of different aspects of user and developer experience with PC.

Just 4 months after the founding we've managed to deliver our first product.

We are growing rapidly, involving more and more talented people in our projects, generating new ideas, and supporting the existing products.

Our Strength

We believe there are two fundamental things distinguishing this company from the others.

First of all, it's our expertise in software across all layers from OS APIs and drivers to algorithms, to design concepts, to GUI. Our engineers have decades of combined development experience, they have been writing high quality software programs in different companies for years and have brought all their knowledge to build robust, reliable and highly creative team of developers.

Secondly, we are trying to implement ideas born inside the software engineering community. We're not wandering around consumers in endless attempts to come up with potentially beneficial ideas. Being engineers we've got so many requests, needs, and would-be-very-nice-to-have's that at some point we've just decided to help ourselves by writing utilities, tools, and "software gadgets" we know are going to be needed and used. The core target audience for our products is ourselves, we are our own most demanding customers. This is another thing that keeps us on the cutting edge of software technology.

Our Vision

We are determined to deliver highest quality software. We strongly believe that wise and well-thought design is a key to success in software business. Although we're used to work efficiently and we have lots of ideas in line to be implemented, nevertheless we approach the process of releasing our solutions to the customer with great diligence and accuracy, providing flawless stable programs and managing to simplify and improve customer's experience.

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