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Softario anounces release 6.00 of Typus.
This release has some major improvements and bug fixes.

Download new Typus 6.00 now!

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Win7/8/10 operating system
  • 5MB free disk space

    Whats new in Typus 6.00 · 02/24/2018

    Introduced separate 32/64 bit install packages
    New languages: Morse, Pig Latin, and more
    Modernized look and feel of the app
    Fixed major issues with newer OS versions
    Multiple bug fixes

    Previous Revisions

    Release 4.00 · 07/03/2007

    Added support for non-english base languages
    Added support for switching among all installed languages
    Added transliteration option for modes handling
    Transliteration window interface extensions
    Fixed clipboard corruption during input correction
    Few internal bugfixes

    Release 3.01 · 05/10/2006

    Added system tray welcome message
    Added Context Help (mouse pointer & F1)
    Added Apply button to Settings Dialog
    Fixed saving settings on logoff/shutdown
    Few internal bugfixes
    Transliteration tip window is now shown even if settings dialog is active

    Release 3.0 · 04/04/2006

    Support for Georgian, Armenian, Hebrew and Arabic languages
    Transliteration Tip floating window
    Improved support of multiple alternative languages
    Few internal bugfixes

    Release 2.0 · 01/01/2003

    Support for Russian, Ukrainian and Greek languages

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