While working on SCSC we have developed large set of complex parsing techniques and tricks that allow us to work with specifics of different languages. Some languages require fine-tuning and specific parsing approaches, and we've worked hard to provide our users with excelent results in recognizing elements of source code for spell-checking.

However, source files parsing does have some elements and concepts that are common to most languages. This allowed us to give our users the capability to work with customly defined languages.

With this version of SCSC you can create syntax definitions for not supported language and get SCSC to check it for you.

User-Defined Language is described in two external configuration files. You can find example of it in SCSC installation folder. Take a look at configuration files for Assembly language:

To add user-defined language and make SCSC spell check it for you should create two similar files for your language

Place these files into SCSC installation folder and restart SCSC, the files will be automatically recognized and picked up by SCSC. User-defined language syntax associations can be viewed and edited in "Syntax Associations" dialog.

Here's the list of allowed ini-file settings: