Presentus is a presentation helper utility.

You've probably noticed how you always move your mouse pointer around the screen when you present something trying to focus attention of your audience on certain elements of display.

We are sure you have always wanted to be able to mark these little elements with a distinctive outline, or highlight important parts of your screen to simplify your presentation.

Now you can do it with Presentus. Presentations will never be boring anymore!

If you need to highlight something in the middle of presentation just click the Presentation Mode hot-key (<Win>+<Z>) and your screen will freeze while your mouse becomes a drawing tool. Now draw right on top of whatever your screen is displaying at the moment. Multiple drawing tools available in Presentus (pencil, rectangle, ellipse, highlighter, etc.) can be activated by dedicated keyboard shortcut or through right-click pop-up menu.

When you're done - just press <Escape> to exit Presentation Mode. All your temporary drawings will disappear, you can then get back to your presentation.

Click here to see a sample usage of Presentus.

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